Mission & Commitments

Driving Collaboration for a Sustainable Energy Future


The Sustainable Energy Council’s (SEC) mission is to bring together world leaders to build a sustainable energy future. SEC has a particular focus on driving the Hydrogen industry forward by promoting and sharing the latest technologies, strategies and developments across international supply chains. Founded by Chairman, Mr. Tim Clark, SEC is a truly global organisation working with renewable energy stakeholders, governments, research, NGOs and private sector leaders from every continent to create cross-sector partnerships towards our Net Zero targets.

SEC aims to:

  • Help Governments harness new policies that ensure a sustainable future for their countries whilst also expanding and diversifying their economies
  • Bring together the leaders of the global energy business to recap and align strategies for the future
  • Attract investors who are actively focusing on cleaner and greener sources of energy
  • Focus on upcoming sustainable projects and how to operate current projects to efficient level
  • Promote sustainable energy advancements at all levels as well as inclusivity and diversity in the energy sector and society at large


  1. Promoting Sustainable and Clean Energy
    The Sustainable Energy Council is fully committed to promoting sustainable and cleaner energies and facilitate the required transition to a more sustainable world at all levels. We do this by bringing together Governments and all the relevant energy stakeholders to promote their strategies and technologies for a greener future whilst opening up opportunities for economies and people.
  2. Diversity
    SEC is committed to diversity both in the workplace and at all our events and daily actions. We truly believe a diverse society with different voices is paramount to deliver the sustainable goals we are aiming. We strive to continuously improve diversity through the active promotion of equality of race, gender, sexual orientation both in the workplace and in all our events sessions.
  3. Workplace Inclusion
    An inclusive and diverse workplace is extremely important and something the Sustainable Energy Council is passionate about. We are proud to include people from different nationalities, countries, cultures and languages at our workplace. Our team is diverse, global and continuously promoting the respect for others with different visions and opinions.
  4. Sustainable Consumption and Production
    At SEC we strongly believe words come with actions and effective plans. Sustainable consumption and production are very important to achieve the greater goal of a cleaner future. In our events we bring together leaders which are taking practical steps and projects with a real impact in the green energy sector. In our day to day, we take actions to reduce our environmental impact in the workplace through recycling in our offices, reducing energy consumption, offsetting our carbon footprint when possible and incentivising a sustainable modes of transport and lifestyle.
  5. Reducing Inequality
    Inequality worries us and plays a big role in all our actions. The Council believes that by promoting sustainable energies and a cleaner future we reduce inequality at a macro and micro level. We have always been and will continue to actively support institutions who fight inequality and support those most in need across the world.
  6. Advancing the Role of Women and Minorities in Society
    Women and minorities respect and advancement in society is very important for us at SEC. We’re taking steps to increase women’s participation in all sessions, and we have a strong internal policy on inclusion and minorities advancement and betterment. This is supported by our actions which have made a big impact in women’s participation in the energy sector and has delivered real results in countries such as Tanzania or Mozambique.
  7. Climate Action
    One of our key commitments is for climate action and a daily catalyst in SEC’s activities. Our events promote technologies which foster a greener future and bring all the relevant parties to discuss ways forward in the fight against climate change.
  8. Partnerships for Sustainable Energy Advancements
    Our raison d’étre is partnership creation. The Council believes that by bringing together all the stakeholders to discuss the latest projects, technologies and advancements, partnership potential naturally emerge as a way for the parties to accelerate the development of their projects and of the sustainable energy sector. We are proud to facilitate these discussions and to help all the stakeholders moving forward with the required sustainable energy transition.
  9. Talent Nurturing
    We strive to attract and nurture talent. We are very passionate about developing people’s skills and match them with the Council’s goals and objectives of a sustainable future. Our staff is encouraged to develop their talents, ideas and suggestions. We are also proud to see our staff grow internally through the years and actively contribute to the Council’s sustainable advancement.
  10. In-Country Value Creation
    The Sustainable Energy Council is committed to creating value and bettering people’s lives and economies. Our events always foster the promotion of opportunities for local citizens and how the global technologies and projects can create an impact at a national level through the inclusion of national organisations, SMEs, educational institutions and non-profits.


For more information about our Mission, Aims and Commitments and to partner with us please contact Chris Hugall on +44 20 7978 0080 or email info@sustainableenergycouncil.com

Join Us in Our Mission Towards a More Sustainable World

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can collaborate towards a greener future. Please contact Chris Hugall on +44 20 7978 0080 or email info@sustainableenergycouncil.com

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