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The Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) is a world-leading advisory, events and training producer for a cleaner and more sustainable world. At this cornerstone moment in energy history, we are capturing insights from global markets in the race for carbon neutrality, and delivering emerging sustainable opportunities to our community in the form of online and offline summits, webinars, reports and bespoke insight solutions.

Our established forums gather the global perspectives of a diverse array of thought leaders hailing from key governments, investors, energy market leaders and heads of industry, legislators and the next generation of sustainable energy pioneers. Our events focus on accelerating the energy transition for renewable energy and fossil fuels, energy efficiency, energy storage, access and innovation as well as mobilising global investments.

Our mission is to:

  • Establish leading forums for companies and government entities focused on the development and deployment of clean energy and sustainability across the World;
  • Promote the clean energy industry and inform the wider community of the benefits of the sector;
  • Collaborate with government agencies and other stakeholders in policy development and regulation of this rapidly developing and exciting sector;
  • Develop a series of strategic alliances with research institutions, international associations, media and others to drive the delivery of clean energy and sustainability solutions across the world;
  • Assisting governments, industry and the community to meet low carbon targets and sustainability goals.


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