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Building a Sustainable Energy Future, Together

The Sustainable Energy Council is the world-leading business council, events producer and training provider for the sustainable energy and infrastructure industries. Our close relationships with 60+ Governments worldwide, as well as an extensive network of industry stakeholders, make us the trusted partner of choice for the global sustainable energy industry.


SEC events aim to:

  • Help Governments harness new policies that ensure a sustainable future for their countries whilst also expanding and diversifying their economies
  • Bring together the leaders of the global energy business to recap and align strategies for the future
  • Attract investors who are actively focusing on cleaner and greener sources of energy
  • Focus on upcoming sustainable projects and how to operate current projects to efficient level

The Sustainable Energy Council Mission

  • Establish leading forums for companies and government entities focused on the development and deployment of clean energy and sustainability across the world;
  • Promote the clean energy industry and inform the wider community of the benefits of the sector;
  • Collaborate with government agencies and other stakeholders in policy development and regulation of this rapidly developing and exciting sector;
  • Develop a series of strategic alliances with research institutions, international associations, media and others to drive the delivery of clean energy and sustainability solutions across the world;
  • Assist governments, industry and the community to meet low carbon targets and sustainability goals.


Government & Ministries We've Worked With Include:

“It was an excellent and well-organised event full of innovators, policy-makers and decision-takers.”

Steven Lua, Chief Executive Officer, Unitrove

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